I remember being introduced to my first chapter book in elementary school. I was amazed how the characters came to life, and I fell in love with reading. My imagination soar and the characters in my head wanted out. I had to write. My favorite place to write was sitting on my bedroom floor with my bed as a desk.  To this day, I still like to write my first draft on paper and sometimes I'll even sit on the floor and use the couch in my office as my desk. 


My Mission

To produce novels based on strong characters and elements of romance that will entertain and provide a sense of lessons learned.

Author James brings readers in instantly with powerful images and sensory details that show the heroine’s fragile state of mind.
— Chloe, Amazon reviewer

Who I am

  • I was raised in Minnesota, moved to Colorado during my twenties, then returned to Minnesota/Wisconsin to raise my kids.
  • I'm married to a wonderful man who I met while working at the Minnesota State Lottery. You can say he was my winnings. (I know - cheesy - but I couldn't resist!)
  • Oh wait - cheesy? I now live in Wisconsin in the St. Croix Valley near the Minnesota Border. 
  • I have two beautiful grown children: My son is an EOD technician. Say what? EOD = Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician. My daughter is a daycare teacher who makes a positive difference in the lives of small children.
  • I have a bonus daughter (my husband's) and she does a wonderful job working with autistic children. 
  • What I love to do: Travel and explore different cities, parks, and wineries/breweries. 
  • If I have free time:  I like to put together jigsaw puzzles, play piano, or paint (oils or acrylic) on canvas.
  • Best talent besides writing: Process improvement and consulting.
  • Needs work on: Getting all the stuff done that I want to get done.